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7182834928, 9142661469




english, urdu, punjabi, hindi, german, vietnamese, french, arabic, sign language, etc.


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New York, Bronx, Queens, Westchester, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Connecticut, New Jersey.

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Ucabing is a new and excellent approach to personalizing your car service. You can now select your driver based on the type of car he or she drives, you can select a driver based on the language they speak, or based on their gender. No more taking whatever pulls up. We also have an application, which allows you to get a driver on the go if you are just looking to get a ride and don't have the time to personalize. With the option of paying with cash or card, you are not forced to use your card if you are not comfortable. All pictures of our drivers and vehicles are the actual drivers and vehicles that will pick you up when you request for them. No more wondering if the vehicle you saw on the company website would be the one that picks you up. No more looking for your name on card boards because you have a picture of your driver on your smartphone. Today we have a new and better way of getting you from point to point, we are THE FUTURE OF TRANSPORTATION