Passengers get on and enter their location and simply request the type of cab they need and the time frame in which they need it. If a passenger needs a car immediately they will indicate so in the request form. When drivers respond to their request they can view the driver’s profile, including the vehicle type and driving history and pick their preference. Once the passenger has selected and confirmed the cab, the cab will be en route to pick them up. Quick and simple!

With Ucabing, passengers have the option of scheduling a specific driver they are familiar with ahead of time, or for an extended span of time. Passengers can submit their request to the driver they want in advance and await a response. The driver can then pre-schedule their time and be available when the passenger needs them. If you need transportation out of state, or a car readily available to you for an entire week, Ucabing allows you find a driver who matches your needs. Need a minivan, a truck or a limo, Ucabing gives you the many options that you cannot find anywhere else.

No surcharges or hidden fees. You can ride cashless and pay with a credit card. Get your cab on-demand. You know the driver who will pick you up and what car they will be driving, no guessing and no surprises. This means safety and familiarity for passenger. Don’t feel limited by using one car service, Ucabing has a vast selection of cars that will independently serve passengers and remove all the yellow tape. Now there is nothing between you and your driver.